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To view and amend your bank details, please follow the below steps:
Log in to the supplier network at
On the blue bar on the left hand side on the screen, click on the fifth icon from the bottom which looks like a head and shoulders (this is the 'Customer' section).
You will see the names of all customers you currently have a trading relationship come up on screen. Click on the name of the customer you need to amend the details for and then click on "Edit" at the bottom of the screen.
On the following screen, there will be a tab called "Additional Data" and from here you will be able to amend your bank details.
Be sure to click the save button up at the top once you have finished.

The web address for our network is

There are two ways you can register on the supplier network:

1. If you have been invited to register by a buying organisation, for example by the National Trust or a local council, then they may have given you an access code. If this is the case then you can enter this code in the "Have you been invited?" box. This will then guide you through the rest of the registration process.


2. If you haven't received an invitation code then you can still register by clicking on the "sign up" button and following the on-screen instructions.

With regards to the Organisation ID:

If you've been invited to sign up by an organisation then they may have assigned you an Organisation ID already and this will be shown during the registration process (one of the first pages on the registration screen will show your Organisation ID, Organisation name and Login name). If they haven't assigned you an ID or you are going through the "Sign up" process then you can choose your own ID. This ID is used by buyers to locate your company on our system, you will also need to enter this ID every time you log in to the supplier network so it needs to be something you can remember easily. It can be all numbers, all letters or a combination of both but no special characters like @, $,% etc.